Lavender Cottage Living

This is where we'll be celebrating all the wonderful elements that make our Lavender Lass BookShop stories special. Gardening, decorating, cooking, crafts...and of course tea. Join us today!

I'm just here for the horses...

Follow us and you'll have limited access to photos of the horses, the farm, and the gardens. We'll also have some Lavender CottageCore ideas including the occasional recipe. Bring your tea and join us today!

Lavender Cottage Living

Access to Works in Progress, polls about characters and story details, as well as our Lavender CottageCore (don't you love this?) content, which includes recipes, gardening, crafts, and other fun projects (maybe even a few house plans) from our Works in Progress and existing stories. Bring your tea and join us today!

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Lavender Luxury

Everything from the previous tiers and YOUR name in the acknowledgements of any new books we publish while you're a member. Also first look at new artwork and book covers, like this painting by D.L. Gardner. This tier is for our biggest supporters and we appreciate you! Bring your tea and join us today.