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Kingdom of Light EBOOK ($1.99 at retailers)

Kingdom of Light EBOOK ($1.99 at retailers)

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A kingdom enjoys peace and prosperity until threatened by a neighboring land in this short fantasy story. This is the first of two short stories that include some tragic turns and unexpected twists.
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Read this story sample...

King Amar and Queen Zahira were very much in love.  They had met and married in a whirlwind romance that was not common in most kingdoms.  He had been on a diplomatic mission to a land across the sea.  When he was introduced to their king, his eye had moved from the tall man across from him, to the young woman on his right.

“This is my Minister of Foreign Relations and also my middle daughter.”  King Naresh smiled at Amar.  “You are surprised to see a woman in such a role?”

Amar smiled back.  “Not at all.  We are also an enlightened kingdom.”

“I have heard it called the Kingdom of Light,” Naresh replied, “but I did not realize it was also the Kingdom of Enlightenment.”

“We have a long way to go,” King Amar admitted, “but we are always open to new ideas.” 

“Then, I think we should continue this conversation over dinner.”  Naresh looked over at his daughter.  “Zahira will join us.”

It only took three days for Amar to fall hopelessly and completely in love with the wise and beautiful princess, although looking back he often wondered if he’d really fallen for her at first sight.  All he knew was that he did not want to go home without her.

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