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Moonlight, Roses & Murder EBOOK ($4.99 at retailers)

Moonlight, Roses & Murder EBOOK ($4.99 at retailers)

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Selina is a woman with a secret…and she has been hiding it for a very long time.

With her nieces, she runs Luna’s, a nightclub in downtown Seattle, catering to Steampunk and Goth clientele. When someone leaves a body behind her club, she is drawn into a web of mystery and murder. Puncture marks on the body indicate a vampire might be responsible and as more women are killed, a red rose is left by their bodies.

When a vampire hunter with secrets of his own comes to investigate, Selina wonders who she can trust...

Read this first stand-alone story in A Paranormal Mystery & Suspense series.

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Read this story sample...

Chapter 1

Selina Bellerose looked up as one of her employees walked into the office.  Jeremy was her head bouncer, and he usually came in making a joke or complaining about a difficult customer. 

“Selina, we’ve got a problem,” Jeremy said seriously.

“What is it?” she asked, brushing her long brown hair over her shoulder.  When he hesitated, Selina said, “Just tell me, Jeremy.”

“You’d better come look for yourself,” Jeremy replied, walking out of the room.

Selina nodded, following him out of the office and through the now deserted club.  As they walked up the stairs to the rear entrance, Jeremy stopped and looked back at her.  “It’s not pretty.”

As they stepped into the dim light of the alley, she could see a figure lying on the stones.  “It’s a girl.”  Selina walked over to the very still young woman, who was dressed in a beige and brown Steampunk outfit with her hair done up in pigtails. 

“She’s older than she looks,” Isabella said, standing next to the body.  Her assistant manager paused and added, “Or at least she was.  She’s dead, Selina.”

“Have you called the police?” Selina asked, turning to Jeremy.

Jeremy and Isabella exchanged a look.  “Call them,” Selina said.  Walking back into the club, she added, “And stay with her until they arrive.”

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